£85,794.75 FUNDED

Philip Warren New Processing Equipment

Philip Warren and Son Ltd

The grant was used to purchase and install equipment to produce Cornish traceable premium burgers more effectively and efficiently to enable supply to local and national markets.

Tipping the balance with burgers!

Over recent years, there’s been renewed appreciation for traditional, professional skills, and a butcher with extensive knowledge and expertise offers more than high-quality meat; it offers complete consumer confidence.

This assurance of excellence is offered by Philip Warren Butchers of Launceston. Originally established in 1800, the company sets itself apart from other butchers by offering the additional title of ‘graziers’, which means that they farm the livestock to produce the meat. From field to plate, their knowledge of the cattle, the curing and the cutting has secured long-standing clients, including Michelin-starred restaurant The Ledbury in Notting Hill.

So what is it that keeps their growing customer base coming back for more? Karenza Warren, Finance Director and daughter-in-law of the company’s namesake Philip, described what makes this butcher a worthwhile alternative to supermarket meat. “Our emphasis is on quality… Everybody wants to know where meat has come from,” she says. “We provide confidence that our meat is high quality… what we supply is the best, and the farmers and animals have been looked after… the company is driven by our commitment to produce the highest quality product for our customers and support the farming community.”

And these ideals must be met without placing additional burden of cost on the customer because, as Karenza says, “reasonable pricing” is a pillar of their business model.

LEADER funding tackles food waste
Recently the company addressed the challenge of ‘carcass balance’ – this is a butchery term that refers to the amount of meat cuts (rolled joints, topside, fillets, steaks, etc.) that can be produced from one animal without unnecessary waste.  To increase their balance, Philip Warren Butchers began to invest in producing high-quality mince for a local burger restaurant. Their investment worked a little too well: “We needed to keep up with demand” says Karenza, who realised that this would require a “massive investment” and logistical support.

With the burger restaurant expanding across multiple sites, the team approached LEADER to fund the growing demand. “The Leader project allowed us to invest in machinery to upscale our burger production,” says Karenza, who oversaw the purchase of machines for chopping, mixing and pressing the meat patties.  A process that had been labour intensive before, now became a driving force for growth, as Karenza explains: “Having a machine was a game changer. Our burgers were great before, but they went up another level!”

This increase in quality and quantity of the Philip Warren signature burger has delivered fantastic results for the company, who saw a 50% increase in burger sales last year. And the effects are not only felt by the butcher. “There is a benefit to our farmers too,” says Karenza, who has demonstrated her company’s commitment to the farming community by increasing the investment in locally reared cattle.

The company’s growth doesn’t stop here. Plans are afoot to refurbish buildings onsite, in order to continue meeting production levels,and expand the busy retail site, which bustles with repeat customers.

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