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Installation of a walk in Chiller

Treway Farm Cornish Turkeys

To install a walk in chiller in an old dairy building to facilitate the processing of turkeys.

Traditional, high-welfare farming.

Will and Kate Martin took ownership of Treway Farm in St Austell 15 years ago and, after a few years of rearing predominantly beef cattle and growing arable crops, they decided to rear a few turkeys, more as a hobby than a business, for family and friends. The birds proved so popular that it has now become a separate business stream and has been growing year on year ever since.

The turkeys arrive on the farm in June as day-old chicks from the world-renowned Kelly Turkeys. They are raised using traditional methods, with great care and compassion, until Christmas when they are fully mature.

Treway Farm Turkeys is a member of the Traditional Farm-fresh Turkey Association (TFTA), a group of around 40 independent, family-run farms across the UK supplying fresh, traditional turkeys specifically for Christmas.

They are the first and only producer in Cornwall to be accredited with the association’s ‘Golden Turkey Standard’, an assurance scheme that guarantees the highest welfare standards for the birds and stipulates that they must be reared using traditional methods and fed a natural diet, which gives them their exemplary flavour. The turkeys live in a spacious barn, which is flooded with natural light and has access to the adjoining meadow, where they enjoy grazing the fresh grass, taking dust baths and eating insects.

An increase in production and labour
In order to keep expanding, Will and Kate needed a walk-in chiller to hang and store the turkeys leading up to Christmas. Receiving a grant from the LEADER programme through the South and East Local Action Group enabled them to purchase and install a large, brand-new chiller in an unused farm building just in time for the Christmas season in 2016.

The new chiller enables them to chill and store 600 turkeys; previously they had to rely on rented equipment, which could be unreliable. The chiller also produces an income, as it can be rented out to other Cornish businesses throughout the year.

This increase in production has resulted in an increase in the demand for labour in December, when it’s time to pluck and prepare the turkeys for collection.

“We have converted a room in the barn to create a real Christmas atmosphere, for people to have a glass of mulled wine when they come to collect their turkey and make it a really special occasion,” Will adds.

The birds are fed a diet of pellets and crushed barley grown on the farm. The pellets are procured from a local supplier, so the expansion of turkey farm is providing a benefit to other local businesses in Cornwall.

Thanks to LEADER funding, Will and Kate can now continue to expand and produce turkeys with the highest standards of quality and welfare, and relish the
feeling of playing a big part in making Cornish family Christmas dinners extra special.

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