£11,760.00 FUNDED

Fowey Brewery Acceleration Project (FBAP)

The Fowey Brewery Ltd.

To purchase a “six barrel brewery” system and 6-head counter bottle filler to enable production to be scaled to an economically viable level at Fowey Brewery.

The art and science of brewing.

Brewing is an art with quite a bit of science thrown in for good measure. Get the temperature just a degree out, or stray slightly on timings, and you may just have to start again.

The Fowey Brewery was started by friends Dom and Geoff in 2016. Having spent over 20 years dry-hop brewing, Geoff has always experimented with different ingredients and styles of beer, for the benefit of family and friends. It was only when he joined forces with Dom that they decided to take the brewing to the next level and set up The Fowey Brewery in Lostwithiel, on the banks of the River Fowey. “Geoff always wanted to start a small brewery but needed a partner, so I joined him on the business side,” Dom says.

The brewery’s mission is to produce great-tasting beers that combine the use of new-world hops, artisan methods and a little bit of brewing alchemy.

The brewery started from a small industrial unit in Lostwithiel. Within three months they were selling out, and were supplying customers such as the Eden Project, The Cornish Food Hall and some of the best local hotels.

LEADER helps aid a tenfold increase in production
Dom and Geoff needed to expand production to meet demand, and applied for a grant through the LEADER programme. They received funding with the help of the South and East Cornwall Local Action Group.

“We used the LEADER grant to part-fund our expansion to a six-barrel brewery system, not only allowing us to increase production tenfold but also to produce cask and keg beers to complement the bottled beers we already produced, enabling us to jump from brewing on a trial scale to a business that can now support salaries” Dom explains.

The expansion meant taking on a larger unit, where they are able to fulfil cask orders and bottle beers using a counter-pressure bottle filler, also part-funded by the LEADER grant.

The beers are all named after places along the River Fowey, and each have very different characteristics; from the light, refreshing Lerryn Blond, brewed using an English yeast, through to the full-bodied 6.8% Golitha IPA with its exceptional blend of hops from around the world.

Geoff said: “We are happy to remain a small craft brewery that is respected within the local community, and produces great beers that we enjoy drinking. An element of the local market is always going to be seasonal, with the large number of visitors to Cornwall, but it is also about producing a product that local people want to drink.”

The expanded business also provides indirect employment to other businesses, such as accountants, suppliers and distributors.

Thanks to the grant from LEADER and the South and East Cornwall Local Action Group, the Fowey Brewery is steering a course to become a well-known craft beer brand in Cornwall and beyond.

To find out more and follow their progress go to or find The Fowey Brewery on Facebook.

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